Makatisha Culinary Effects. New segment for February 2021.

Makatisha Culinary Effects firmly believes in the practice and implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and the General Principles of Food Hygiene. The two, give guidance on the design and facilities of the premises, in-process control, required support programmes of sanitation and personal hygiene and consideration of hygiene controls once product has left the production premises.

HACCP is recommended to enhance food safety and is a worldwide recognised systematic and preventive approach that addresses biologicsl, chemical and physical hazards through anticipation and prevention, rather than through end-product inspection and testing.

Are you fully aware of the type of food you consume? Are you informed about the process of haversting the product you consume from its raw state, until they reach your kitchen cooked or not? Has COVID-19 made you think twice about the importance of handling food, given the rigorous sanitation and hygiene protocols that needs to be adhered to?

In February 2021, Makatisha Culinary Effects will be engaging experts in this field to educate consumers about the importance of understanding which food is recommended for consumption guided by the latter.

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